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Ryan Despres

Currently 32 years old and living in Nanaimo on beautiful Vancouver Island. I was born and raised in Northern Ontario and also attended school there. My education includes graduating from Canadore College for general arts and science and graduating from Mohawk College where I received my Insurance diploma, there's also 2 years of University thrown in the middle of that somewhere. After working for a brief time in the insurance industry I realized a desk job wasn't my calling and after a quick and easy decision I dropped everything and rode my Harley across Canada with my dad to look at schools, it wasn't long before I found a new school and moved out west to British Columbia to become a commercial Helicopter Pilot. Being a pilot in the Rockies is a great way to fuel my passion for photos. My main interest in photography is landscape and Astrophotography with a little bit of vehicle photography including helicopters. Once I settled out west I started getting much more into photography because of the landscapes and atmosphere. Working with helicopters has also given me many unique photo opportunities such as photo shoots at the tops of mountains for engagements and hiking along mountain trails.

I'm currently selling my prints. I'm also available for photo shoots on Vancouver Island and In the future I hope to have many high quality prints up for sale and would even love to offer custom homemade framing options. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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